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AWS CloudFormation

  • Resources are defined in a JSON or YAML file called a template that describes the AWS resources you want to create and the dependencies between them.
  • Resources are not created manually, which is a huge time saver & excellent for control

CloudFormation Cost

  • Each resource within a stack is tagged with a identifier called a stack ID so you can track the cost of each stack
  • Cost of resource can be estimated using the CloudFormation template
  • Saving strategy: In Dev, you can delete the stack at 5PM and recreate it at 9AM the next day


  • Ability to destroy and recreate infrastructure on the fly
  • Automated diagram generation
  • Declearative approach to infrastructure: No need to figure out the order of creation


Resources section in a Cloudformation template is the only mandatory section. However, If both Description & AWSTemplateFormatVersion are present in a template, the Description must be below the AWSTemplateFormatVersion