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Container Management

Starting docker containers

docker container run --publish 80:80 --detach --name webserver nginx
Start existing container: docker container start -ai <name> <command>

How long do containers run?

Container run as long as the command that was executed on startup runs. Eg: If bash shell was executed on startup, the container will stop when the shell is terminated.

List containers

List running containers: docker container ls

List all containers: docker container ls -a

Viewing Logs

  • View Logs for a container: docker container logs name

  • Follow container logs: docker container logs name -f

  • View logs help: docker container logs --help

Container config info & utilization:

  • View processes running inside a container: docker container top

  • details of container config: docker container inspect name

  • performance stats of containers(stream): docker container stats

Getting a shell inside a container

  • Start a new container interactively (ontainer will stop when the shell/command is terminated): docker container run -it

  • Run a command inside exisiting container: docker container exec -it


  • To clean an unused/dangling image: Docker image prune

  • To remove an image that is not used in a container: Docker image prune -a

  • To prune the entire system: Docker system prune

  • To kill all running containers: Docker kill $ (docker ps -q)

  • To delete all stopped containers: docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

  • To delete all images: docker rmi $(docker images -q)

A running container cannot be removed unless stopped or using docker container rm -f name