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VI Editor ❤

Save a file in vi without sudo

:w !sudo tee %

Input/Append text VI

  • a - Append after the cursor
  • i - Append before the cursor
  • I - Append at the beginning of a line
  • A - Append at the end of a line
  • o - Create new line under the cursor
  • O - Create new line above the cursor

Cursor Movement in VI

  • gg Begning of the file
  • G Move to the last line in the file
  • 5GMove to line 5 of the file (5 can be any line number)
  • H Upper left corner (home) of the current screen
  • M Middle line
  • L Lower left corner
  • ^ Beginning of line
  • $ End of line
  • l Forward a character
  • w One word forward
  • b Back one word

Vi Commands

  • u Undo last change
  • U Undo all changes on line
  • :w !sudo tee % Save a file that is opened without sudo
  • dd Delete current line
  • ndd Delete n lines of buffer below the cursor
  • 'ndk' Delete n lines of buffer above the cursor
  • %d Delete all lines in a file

Removing text

  • d0 Remove all text to the left of the cursor
  • d$ Delete from current position to the end of the line

Search and Replace

Syntax: :[address]s/old_text/new_text/

  • :%s/foo/bar/g Replace foo with bar globally
  • :s/foo/bar/g replace all matches (g flag) of 'foo' with 'bar' on the current line only
  • :%s/foo/bar/gc Replace foo with bar but confirm for every change
  • :s/foo/bar/ replace the first match of 'foo' with 'bar' on the current line only

Address components

Address Description
. Current line
n Line number
$ Last line
n.+m Current line plus m lines
/string/ A line that contains "string"
% Entire file
[addr1],[addr2] Specifies a range

VI Commands

  • :set number Show line numbers
  • :set list Show invisible characters