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Docker Networks

Network Drivers


  • This is the default. Whenever you start Docker, a bridge network gets created and all newly started containers will connect automatically to the default bridge network.

  • Containers running in the same bridge network can communicate with each other (through IP address), and Docker uses iptables on the host machine to prevent access outside of the bridge.

  • Isolation & name resolution is not possible in default bridge network. However, it is supported on custom bridge network.


  • Removes network isolation between the container and the Docker host, and uses the host’s networking directly.
  • Host driver does not work on docker desktop, it works only on a linux host


  • Overlay networks connect multiple Docker daemons together and enable swarm services to communicate with each other.


  • Macvlan networks allow you to assign a MAC address to a container, making it appear as a physical device on your network.

  • Macvlan allows a single physical interface to have multiple mac and ip addresses using macvlan sub-interfaces.

  • Macvlan allocate diffferent mac address for every container that's attached to the network


  • Can operate in layer 2 & 3

  • ipvlan is similar to macvlan with the difference being that the endpoints have the same mac address


  • Disables all networking.
  • Not available for swarm.

Networking commands

  • Show networks: docker network ls
  • Inspect a network: docker network inspect
  • Create a network: docker network create --driver
  • Attach a network to a container: docker network connect
  • Detach a network from container: docker network disconnect